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There are a massive amount of paylines available when playing John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure. In total you can make use of 7,776 ways to win, which will definitely help in landing you multiple wins. This is a high volatility slot which means that there could be long periods where you go without actually winning anything, but the wins are pretty big when they happen. If this concerns you then the wagering limits start at a mellow £0.20 per spin, while the brazen players among us can place wagers of £100.00 per spin to achieve the highest possible payouts. No deposit bonus for new players

As the Aztecs resided in Central America for the most part you’ll notice that John Hunter does all his exploring in a jungle environment, and this leads to discovering a couple of wild beasts better not encountered unless you have the wilderness skills of our protagonist, barring one harmless bird. These creatures make up symbols of a higher value, and they consist of a toucan, a python and a black panther. These animals are joined by John Hunter – the highest value symbol in the game – in making up the “interesting symbols”. The remaining icons are Hunter’s hat, a flame torch, and playing cards J, Q, K, and A.

Stay vigilant for the wild icon appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4 which will substitute all symbols to create winning paylines. The only symbol the wild can’t substitute is the scatter icon, which is the circular Aztec symbol. This is a ticket to bonus play.

Bonus No deposit for new players

One of the best features of John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure slot is the free-spins feature. This bonus feature helps to separate this game from other slots games.

Explorers who come across three Aztec shields during a spin are in luck. These symbols are the “scatter” symbols and that’s how free-spins are activated.

Every good explorer has a life-and-death moment where they must decide whether or not to risk-it-all for a chance at glory. Maybe it’s jumping off a cliff for the chance to secure valuable treasure on the other side. Maybe it’s deciding to go to war with a tribe of natives as a single explorer.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure affords explorers that exact same adrenaline rush. Prior to each free spin round, the Bonus Wheel decides the number of free spins an explorer will earn. Three Scatters earns explorers anywhere between 5 and 25 free spins (in multiples of 5), an additional scatter symbol garners explorers a minimum of 10 free spins. 5 Scatter symbols earns explorers at least 15 free spins, but like any good explorer you’re risking your life for the jackpot so you’ll be hoping for the maximum of 25 free spins.

No deposit new players

Free Spins

Another great perk in John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is that free spins aren’t limited to explorers once you earn them. Explorers have the opportunity to earn additional free spins as they use their initial free spins:

2 bonus scatters earns players between 3 and 15 additional spins

3 bonus scatters earns players between 4 and 15 additional spins

4 bonus scatters earns players between 5 and 15 additional spins

5 bonus scatters earns players between 10 and 15 additional spins

Multipliers sweeten the pot even more as explorers will have the opportunity to multiply their earnings by 2,3,5,7 or 10x! If treasure is what you seek, players can have every opportunity to earn their own in John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure.

During a bonus round, explorers are entitled to the very same multiplier they earned when they achieved those free spins. Fingers crossed for 10x!

No deposit bonus for new players

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Free spins bet: 4 UAH, 0.2 CAD/AUD.50 Free Spins wager 45
Max win is unlimited


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